Testnet Competition Starts, Airdrop 5,000 DAI and Earn up to $SLD50,000

Shield Official
2 min readApr 16, 2021

Welcome back, Shielders! After a hugely successful Early Supporter Program, we’re back with more news.

The upcoming weekend, we at Shield, your own, very first risk-free decentralized perpetual platform, have another surprise lined up for you.

The emergence of DeFi has opened up a staggering choice of opportunities for users, including the ability to trade a range of derivatives with a variety of attributes. For users of modern platforms like Dydx and Hgeic, we now have a new offering for your derivative trades — one that is risk-free, and featuring high leverage and strong liquidity. And we’d love for you to try it out!

With that context, it gives us immense pleasure to declare that we are hosting another giveaway on Gleam.

The moment you’re reading this article, Shield has airdropped up to 40,000 addresses that interacted with decentralized derivatives products on dYdX and Hegic.

Each address has received 5000 DAI. They also stand a chance to acquire additional 50,000 SLD tokens from the reward pool.

Winners will be selected on a random draw of lots, based on their number of entries. Here’s how you can increase your chances.

Here welcome to join the testnet competition by simply complete the tasks. Rewards are owned on your hand.

1) Sign up the exclusive Shield IDO Waitlist — 50 Entries

-How much would you like to invest in Shield?

-Which platform you prefer to purchase SLD?

2) Follow Shield on Twitter — 10 Entries

3) Tweet Shield on Twitter — 10 Entries

4) Join Shield’s Telegram — 10 Entries

5) Join Shield’s Discord — 10 Entries

6) Enter your email address to receive Shield’s Newsletters — 10 Entries

7) Enter your ETH address already interacted with Shield testnet — 50 Entries

Bonus: You get 25 extra entries if you tag 3 friends in a Twitter post!

Note: Manually add our testdai address: 0x113587939c8967e61Aa2360613951B23AB2Af49a

From the very beginning, we at Shield have burnt the midnight oil to establish a decentralized risk-free perpetual contract. We have been driven by our relentless commitment to the DeFi world, and we’re humbled by your support. We welcome you with open arms to join in and contribute to our products, serving the DeFi world.

We look forward to your participation in our giveaway (sign up here), while hoping that you will bring with you more people with a similar mindset as we venture into the majestic DeFi world.



Shield Official

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