Announcing The Shield Early Supporter Program

Hello Shielder! Shield’s one-of-a-kind decentralized risk-free perpetual product can seem a bit overwhelming, or complicated to new users. This may be especially the case for those who are recently made aware of crypto perpetuals thanks to the recent explosion in popularity of the DeFi industry. We’ve explained the risk-free perpetual concept in a dedicated blog earlier, but there’s no substitute for a real-world experience.

That is precisely why we at the Shield team are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of the Shield testnet on Ethereum Kovan. Our community members will have exclusive access to Shield testnet, where they will be incentivized to test the various aspects and overall platform experience.

During the period of this testnet, the Shield team has partnered with a leading security company to audit our code. Security being the most critical area we care about, we’re doing all it takes to protect your user experience and showcase its strength.

Of course, your efforts on user experience, security contracts are appreciated and will be well-rewarded! Participants can win rewards up to $SLD 100,000 (Shield native tokens). These rewards will be randomly distributed to participants who complete the Gleam task and interact with Shield testnet. So you’ll want to sign up as soon as possible.

To be eligible to get early access (testnet token) for Shield Early Supporter Round, you’ll have to complete the following simple tasks:

1. Tweet about what makes you interested and excited the most about Shield and @ 3 friends, using #ShieldRiskFreePerpetual

2. Follow Shield_DAO on Twitter

3. Join the Shield DAO Telegram Group

4. Join the Shield DAO Discord Channel

5. Submit your Ethereum address


1. How to receive testnet token? (limited to 200 people)

-Complete the Gleam task

-Wait for luck draw and Shield team will contact you by email once you are on the list

2. How to win an SLD token?

-Complete the Gleam task

-Interact with Shield Kovan testent and complete at least one transaction


Period: April 2 — April 9

From the first day of the Shield team’s efforts to establish a decentralized risk-free perpetual contract, we have always been committed to the development of the DeFi world. To devote ourselves to work and invite more friends to learn about us, we established our early supporters project. Of course, we warmly welcome you to join and contribute your strength to our products and the DeFi world.

We look forward to your participation in the early supporter program, and we hope you can help us attract more people to explore and embrace the DeFi world together.



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