Shield Ecosystem Update-November 2021

Shield Official
3 min readDec 6, 2021

Hello Shielders, November has been a fruitful month for the ecosystem as we delivered a classic trading protocol of Shield 1.0. With the official deployment on BSC, we now would more focus on product adoption and global market penetration for the overall performance. Let’s check out what we’ve achieved, project progress, and future plans.

Key Takeaways

-Launch of Shield Mainnet 1.0

-Co-marketing events with strategic partner Coin98 and OKEx BlockDream Venture

-Release of Shield Union, 200K SLD up for grabs

-Shield attending Gitcoin GR12

-Upcoming deployment of Shield 2.0


Shield Mainnet 1.0 is LIVE with the revamped UI and landing page. This version also supports risk management tools such as funding fee calculator and balance alert function, which enable traders to supervise the position effectively.

The newcomer campaign jointly hosted by Coin98 and OKEx Blockdream Venture was a success with 1k users visiting Shield website and connected wallet. It turns out the Vietnamese are eager to win big by using Shield perpetual options!

We launched Shield Union, a full-stack Shielder carnival for worldwide scale with a growing 200,000 LSD prize pool. Only a week since release, the users and volume on Shield have increased by 120%. Grab the rewards now:

On-going Schedule

Shield is positioned as a decentralized derivatives infrastructure and users will be able to trade various derivatives products developed on top of it, including perpetual options, perpetual swaps and structure products. Now we’re one step closer to the mission-partner with Gitcoin to launch bounty for structured products built on Shield protocol. The Hackathon is hosted from 1 Dec to 16 Dec, check the bounty now:

Shield x Gitcoin GR12 Hackathon workshop goes live, we detailed the Shield architecture and bounty brief here. Make sure you check it out:

Future Plan

As seen in the roadmap, we’re still improving protocol and building derivatives products built on top of it, which showcase Shield’s competitive capability of financial engineering and long-term value. We sincerely hope more Shielders will come to build the ecosystem and more importantly early contributors will get benefits from one of the biggest DeFi Lego dividends.

December would be a more exciting period for Shield. Stay tuned!

To ensure that you don’t miss out on the latest developments, stay connected with Shield on Twitter, Medium, Discord, and Telegram.



Shield Official

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