Launching Shield Mainnet 1.0

Through hundreds and thousands of testing and internal experiments, we’re thrilled to announce Shield Mainnet 1.0 is LIVE with the deployment of a new contract. The core of Shield protocol is to build an open, secure and highly accessible derivatives infrastructure, making it one of the biggest DeFi Lego. In its current state, we encourage everyone to come experience our first innovative product-on-chain perpetual options.

It’s known that perpetual swaps have dominated the market share in CEX due to its simplicity and ease of use. Shield Perpetual options, which brings the options merit of limited downside risk (free of being liquidated due to price movement) to the perpetual contracts market, has the potential to become the killer dapp for traditional perpetual swaps. Unleashing the next big thing in the DeFi space, worth $100 billion in market cap. As we move into this new paradigm, we’re excited to share these upgrades with you guys as we continue to build.

Upgrade Highlights

Revamp a brand-new UI and landing page for Shield

To follow the minimalist design style, we keep the brand logo and product interface as simple as possible while providing a world-class trading experience in DeFi derivatives. The logo conveys the concept of derivatives in a simple manner. The infographics help to clarify the on-chain liquidity mechanism behind the scenes and showcase Shield’s long-term composability and vitality.

Risk management tools

-Balance alert function

Shield perpetual options protect traders from being liquidated regardless of high volatility in crypto. However, the capability to manage balance for funding fee detected every 24hr is crucial. The green and red pointers notify traders of the current balance status, thus avoiding the balance from being liquidated.

-Funding fee calculator

Shield is unique in that the maximum at loss is the daily funding fee. The calculator at the right corner enables traders to effectively manage the budget, funding intervals and ROI after opening a position.

Support candlestick chart

To meet the need of professional and institutional traders, we’ve included candlestick chart in this updated version.

Integrate Coin98 wallet and wallet connect, enabling to trade in mobile interface

Trading in mobile wallets has been a trend across the globe and Shield has planned to partner with more leading decentralized wallets to onboard more users.

Migrating to 1.0

Users on Shield Mainnet Beta are encouraged to migrate the funds and position to Mainnet 1.0 as part of the migration. For LPs in the public pool, it’s suggested that users migrate from Mainnet Beta to Mainnet 1.0 asap. You are able to claim 30% of SLD rewards then come back to claim the remaining SLDs. We advise that traders close the position on Beta, heading to Shield Mainnet 1.0. As for brokers, the previous affiliate relationship is invalid. Please use the Mainnet 1.0 links for your referral.

Go to Shield’s website to try it out. Join us now to trade, earn and have fun! To ensure that you don’t miss out on the latest developments, stay connected with Shield on Twitter, Medium, Discord, and Telegram.



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