Shield Union Season 2 | 1,000,000 SLD Lottery up for grabs

Profits on you, costs on Shield, and a chance to win 1,000,000 SLD in the lottery! Join now:

We recently launched Shield Union, and it’s been incredibly thrilling to see over 5,500 participants flood into the community and get trade Shield perpetual options. Over the past weeks, the number of users and trading volume has climbed significantly and we’re collecting a lot of valuable feedback from the community to help us develop. Shield has been appreciated with the efforts of each Shielder and now we must upgrade Shield Union to include more exciting growth events. Embark the new journey with Shield Union Season2.

Become a Shield Union Member

Members of Shield Union have exclusive access to the following funding fee rebate and lottery programs. To become a Shield Union member, we’ve prepared a video detailing Shield mechanism and innovations behind the scenes. Then after passing the test, your wallet address will be granted access for the next step. Enjoy the video! If you have questions, please join our Discord or telegram. Shield Youtube education series is also live, feel free to check it out:

Newcomer Rebate

During the promotion period, Shield is pleased to announce that all users who open their first trade on the first day will have their funding fee waived. Now is the time to place Shield perpetual options to earn without paying costs.

Schedule: 9th Dec-23rd Dec

How to Claim:

1-Shield will be covering the funding fee cost for all users who open their first trade on the first day.

2-DM Ambassadors to verify your wallet address and funding fee history.

3-The funding fee rebate for each trade is capped by a position value of 5,000 USDT.

Lottery v2 Live

During the lottery campaign program period, every profit order closed on Shield perpetual options represents one lottery ticket. The randomly-generated hash TX of the profit order is the ticket number. Each user can have several lottery tickets as long as the trades are profitable when closed.

(Lottery v1 ended on 9th Dec and eligible winners will be able to claim tokens in 3 days. Please check your lottery history and pay attention to the announcement in the community)

Schedule: 9th Dec-23rd Dec

The system will draw the lottery tickets from all eligible tickets on 23rd Dec. 10,000 SLDs will be injected into the reward pool once the number of lottery tickets hits 400. By analogy, the reward pool will be injected with additional 5,000 SLDs once every 100 lottery tickets are increased. The maximum amount of SLDs is capped by 50,000 SLD for each epoch. A reward pool will be shared among the winners as follows:

1st prize(1): 50% of the reward pool

2nd prize(6): 30% of the reward pool

3rd prize(20): 20% of the reward pool

A floating payout of 10x the total number of lottery tickets of that epoch will be granted to 1st prize winner.

Special award of 1,000,000 SLD will be given to lottery tickets with the final eight digits 09102020. Shield was born on a note of 800 words on 10, September 2020. Read our story

If the number of the special award is N(N≥2), the rewards will be distributed evenly among them

How to Claim:

Users can claim rewards on the Shield Union Lottery landing page when the lucky draw ends 3 days after.


1-Only the profitable order placed during the program is eligible for lottery tickets.

2-If there are fewer than 400 lottery tickets collected, 10,000 SLDs reward pool will be given away.

3-Shield Protocol reserves the right to change or amend any Competition Activity or Competition Activity Rules at our discretion.

About Shield

Shield is building a one-of-a-kind decentralized protocol based on a fully non-cooperative game for future derivatives infrastructure, enabling global borderless access to finance. Perpetual Options is our first innovative long-term on-chain option without the effort, risk, or expense of rolling positions built on Shield protocol.

To ensure that you don’t miss out on the latest developments, stay connected with Shield on Twitter, Medium, Discord, and Telegram.



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