Shield Secures $2M Funding, with A&T Capital and Hashkey Capital Leading the Round

The successful closure of the investment round enables Shield to fuel the exponential growth in the global market, acquire talents and deliver upcoming innovative derivatives products in the DeFi space.

Shield’s Latest Funding Round

At Shield, we aim to become the global leader in decentralized derivatives infrastructure, and every small achievement of ours is a step in the true decentralization of the blockchain space. This is why, we are proud to announce the news of our latest funding — of 2 million dollars, conducted in a private funding round. The leading investors include A&T Capital and Hashkey Capital, while the rest of the investors included SevenX Ventures, Incuba Alpha, Youbi Capital, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, Bonfire Union, Moonwhale Ventures, Zonff Partners, Shima Capital, and Sharlyn Wu (Ex- Huobi CIO) for Shield’s latest funding round.

Jasmine, partner at A&T Capital also added, “Shield Protocol’s perpetual option provides users a brand new trading experience leveraging on the innovative perpetual contract that has no position loss. This new model avoids direct competition with CEX in the first place and can be counted as a unique go-to-market strategy. We believe the capable founding team will endeavor to provide innovation into the new era and we will be together with them to help realize their full potential.”

Rui from Hashkey Capital said in a statement: “We always believe that innovation in composability and capital efficiency determines the success of DEFI projects. Shield offers a creative product that allows users to take high leverage with a low position fee. The team has high experience in both traditional derivatives product design and a deep understanding of the Crypto market. We have strong confidence that Shield will bring the experience of DEFI trading to another level.”

Future Roadmap

There are several challenges in the existing decentralized derivatives market, which we at Shield hope to address with this perpetual options contract. Shield protocol fully applies the revolutionary qualities of DeFi with academic-level financial engineering (perpetual options) innovation to meet a differentiated market need that has been unmet by CEX today. In short — with Shield, a new path has been created for derivatives to break the ice.

When getting started with our protocol, users are required to pay a prepaid funding fee. As a result, when a huge downside risk or liquidation occurs, the maximum loss will be limited to this prepaid fee itself, hence upholding the original intention behind the “risk-free” protocol. With an easy setup where registration, KYC procedures, or email are not required, we also have robust liquidity backed by dual Liquidity Pools (LPs) in a Peer-to-Pool model. The dual liquidity pools reduce the risk of low LP mining and sufficiently improve the liquidity.

We have a lot of exciting new things coming up, and the launch of our Initial Dex Offerings is just one of them. In less than a few months, we also hope to launch standard perpetual contracts based on Ethereum layer 2, along with the deployment on other blockchains.

If you’re excited about this and would like to receive the latest updates on what’s happening with Shield, connect with us on our website, or on our social media handles — Twitter, Telegram, or Medium. To learn more about Shield’s financial engineering aspects, you can also check out our whitepaper.




Meet perpetual options and the next-generation yields booster here at

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Shield Official

Shield Official

Meet perpetual options and the next-generation yields booster here at

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