Shield Monthly Update- June 2021

June 2021 was an eventful month for Shield. From launching and executing a successful ITO campaign, to the listing of the SLD token on Uniswap, and available on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko. We achieved all that we planned and more. One of the biggest highlights was undoubtedly the whole-hearted participation of our wonderful community, which went on to show how their support has helped us reach these important milestones seamlessly and easily.

Here’s a look back at our achievements in June!

Major milestones

1. ITO campaign

We launched our Shield ITO campaign on June 7th, 2021 which ended on June 8th, 2021. Via “Chill with Shield AMA”, we spoke with Shielders about the ITO details. Round 1 and 2 were eligible for Shield Go Campaign and Shield Global Community, which were sold out in just 2 minutes! In round 1, the limit per address was set at $1,000U and the total value of the initial token offering was $90,000. This round was sold out Round 2 had the limit per address set at $720U and the total value was $108,000.

On June 8th, 2021, round 3 commenced, with the total value for the round set at $135,000 and the limit per address was at $675. This round was eligible only to users having MASK balance at snapshot which had to be more or equivalent to 300 MASK. The users had to be KYC certified as well. This exclusive eligibility criterion was set to appreciate Mask Community’s active support of our ITO campaign.

2. Listing of SLD

We created a liquidity pool on Uniswap after the success of ITO. This now enables the purchase of SLD tokens on Uniswap, with the following token address: 0x1ef6a7e2c966fb7c5403efefde38338b1a95a084.

SLD is also listed on two of the biggest cryptocurrency price-tracking websites, namely, CoinMarketCap, and CoinGecko. You can also check the price chart here.

Disclaimer: Always beware of phishing attacks and Shield impersonators.

3. Shield Binance Smart Chain

We’re thrilled to share that Shield is now live on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Testnet. The reason why we chose BSC Testnet is that it allows users to benefit from Binance Chain’s high transaction speed and BSC’s functionality. Also, since Shield has always prioritized user experience, the deployment on BSC allows us to implement features even better than before and provides our users with a greater trading experience. BSC Testnet has reduced the gas fee from $30 to $3 and also lowered its funding fee for Shield. They offer dual liquidity pool optimization and have broker and liquidation competitions based on game theory, too. If you want to trade on Shield BSC Testnest, read this guide.

-Community Growth

For Shield, the community is the key. We have increasing users across the globe to join the Shielders’ family. Here is what we achieved so far:

  1. Shield Airdrop Series

We will be rewarding our community members for their actions across varied protocols and platforms. The Shield team has worked on a series of airdrops which begin with CoinMarketCap. Around 600 winners can grab $10,000 SLD. To stay updated on this series and more news about Shield, connect with us on Twitter, Medium, Discord, and Telegram.

2. Community MEME Contest

Shielders are full of talents and the following are all make in the community:


1. Strategic partnerships

As we aim to become the global leader in decentralized derivatives infrastructure, we made a strategic media partnership with, Indonesia, and Kripto Emre, Turkey, CoinMarketCap and WeBlock. WeBlock, a full-service blockchain accelerator, provides acceleration service in building the international community with its administration and operations, assistance in brand constructions, promoting Shield in the multi-regional market and multi-social platforms expansion, and more.

2. Featured in global leading media including Bloomberg

When Shield secured a whopping $2M funding with A&T Capital and Haskey Capital, we were featured in Bloomberg’s business section. In addition to this, this development was also covered by Cointelegraph Turkey and Russia’s top blockchain media, Forklog.


Shield BSC Testnet Bug Bounty Program

Given our prioritization for security, we urge our community to find bugs and vulnerabilities in our protocol through this program. The bug bounty program began on 24th June and will end on 10th July 2021. We partnered with two leading security companies Peckshield and Slowmist who audit the code. Eligible participants will be rewarded in SLD by reporting bugs. These rewards are based on the scope of the program, they range from critical, high, medium, and low bugs.


Our team builds blockchain products to accelerate DeFi. In the past, we were a perpetual contract platform that has now delved into a decentralized derivatives protocol. Our new protocol lets you trade quickly and effortlessly in a decentralized way. Shield is based on a peer-to-pool model which implements innovative solutions learned from TradFi and CeFi. We aim to decrease the gap between the trading experience of DeFi and Cefi platforms. It will enable our traders from various fields of cryptocurrency and non-crypto currency to become a part of the DeFi ecosystem. Check out our Whitepaper to know further.

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