Shield Mainnet Beta is LIVE

The wait is finally over! Shield is excited to announce that the Mainnet Beta is now LIVE.

Shield is a one-of-a-kind decentralized derivatives protocol that enables global borderless access to finance for all. Essentially, the Shield protocol allows for the trading of perpetual options, and Shield’s perpetual options will be the first long-term on-chain options that come without the effort, expense, or risk of rolling positions.

Shield’s perpetual options are unique because it has an effective pricing mechanism for perpetual options on-chain. Shield has found the exact solution for the perpetual options funding fees by applying mathematical knowledge of stochastic processes, volatility, and partial differential equations.

With the Mainnet Beta launch, on a technical and strategic front, Shield is closing in being one of the first projects to deliver on-chain perpetual options.

Shield Mainnet Beta

  • Funding fee calculator
  • Newcomer notification has been added
  • Bugs on the trade/pool page have been fixed

Here’s a look at what Shield has achieved so far.

  • Successfully completed 2 rounds of testnet on Kovan and BSC respectively, 3k+ unique wallet address interacted;
  • Resolved hardcore issues in a decentralized manner including the pricing model, on-chain algorithm, and the liquidation and broker system;
  • Successfully completed airdrop of over 440K $SLD to early supporters;
  • Amassed 100K social media members.

Looking forward: A New Chapter

Meanwhile, Shield is also set to debut a killer financial products-standard perpetual at the end of 2021, along with the V2.0-Shield Protocol, with the goal of becoming the infrastructure of the derivatives trading market. This open protocol will allow more developers to build atop Shield without requiring permission and produce derivatives products as they see fit.

The Shield roadmap, including the mainnet launch, is shown below.

How to get involved in Shield Mainnet Beta

It only takes four simple steps to gain early access to the Shield Mainnet Beta

  1. Here’s the link to the landing page
  2. Input the answers as required and submit;
  3. Verify application link in your inbox and wait;
  4. Shield will notify you when you can access via email.

Once you receive the invite email from the Shield team, you will be selected as one of the first batches of Mainnet Beta participants. Due to the experimental nature of the trading protocol, we will begin with a very conservative traders capacity and gradually expand over time.

Trading Pair: BTC-USDT

Deposit Capacity per address: 10 BTC

Genesis Mining: Provide liquidity on public pool

Shield genesis liquidity mining starts at 12PM UTC on 23rd Sep. It’s worth noting that liquidity mining for public pools is open to the public and it is the first chance for the community to earn $SLD. All you need to do is put your stablecoins (USDT) tokens into the farming contract and earn around 30% APY profit at the very beginning! The APY may vary depending on the TVL and $SLD price in the real market environment.

Check out the step-by-step instructions here to get started with providing liquidity. Last but not least, Shield has gotten 2 audits so far from Peckshield and Slowmist.

Get the latest updates on Shield by connecting with us on our website or social media accounts: Twitter, Telegram, or Medium. You can also see our lightpaper for more information about Shield’s financial engineering aspects.

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