Shield Mainnet Beta is Going Live: Bonanza Season Episode1

The wait is over, Shield Mainnet Beta is going LIVE! To thank our incredible community for the support of Shield protocol along the way, we are hosting Bonanza Season from September 16th to October 23rd. First thing first, as Bonanza Season, Episode1, we gotta kick off with the Community Happy Hour.

Want to get $SLD in your wallet?

Tell your friends about Shield and participate in our socials to get to know everything about the decentralized perpetual options market. Ahead of our Mainnet Beta in September, we are starting a series of events for our community to partake in and further our expansion efforts.

Event 1 — Weekly Twitter debate

Duration — 16th, 23rd, 30th September and 7th October, 2021. Every Thursday we’ll tweet a picture containing the topic and all you have to do is leave a few comments with your opinion. You can reply/rebut to other comments, however overall, insightful and educational views will put you in the running to be selected as one of the four to be rewarded in SLD from the 480 SLD pool. 2 winners will be picked from both sides with entries closing after 1 full day and the winners will be announced every Saturday

Event 2 — Weekly Discord Live Quiz

We’ve received overwhelming requests from the community to continue our weekly quizzes, and have decided to bring them back revamped, but onto our discord. Every Friday at UTC 8am, for the month of September, on the 17th, 24th of September and 1st and 8th of October — a series of up to 10 questions will be asked. For the users who score 100%, 5 winners will be chosen each receiving 50 SLD.

Event 3 — Shield Video Contest

Duration — 16th September, 2021 UTC 00:00 to 30th September, 2021 UTC 23:59

Time to get really creative and spread the word about $SLD! Create and publish a video on YouTube about ShieldEx and submit your entry on this form Videos must be at least 2min in length and can cover topics such as:

- Unique features of the Shield trading protocol

- Use cases of SLD and how the community can participate.

- Shield’s Brokerage system, Swap & Burn, and liquidity mining.

- Extremely low liquidation risk for traders, dual liquidity pool interactions, and unique funding fee.

Whether it’s a short introductory video about Shield or a deep dive into the mechanics and many benefits users stand to gain by participating — we want to hear it! 10 videos will be selected as winners and will equally share the 11,000 SLD pool. Judgment is reserved upon video quality and can impact your chances.

Event 4 — Shield Ambassador Program

Duration — Entries open from 30th August, 2021

Earn SLD by being an active community member in the Shield ecosystem. There’s room for everyone no matter your skills, with tasks ranging from regional community group growth, blogs, and videos to general content curation. For more details, read our ambassador program blog and apply here.

To get involved with Shield, visit our website. In addition, you can reach us via Twitter, Medium, Telegram, and Discord.

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