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3 min readAug 18, 2021

Top Perpetual Options Traders Hunted — 100,000 SLD Rewards Up for Grabs

We are introducing the Perpetual Options, an innovative #derivatives instrument that pioneers the first long-term, on-chain options without the effort, risk, or expense of rolling positions. It’s an extremely creative financial instrument that is running in the decentralized environment and we’re calling all traders to give it a try, with a whopping 100,000 SLD up for grabs!

Shield perpetual options have unique & tremendous value, which is generated through solving options traders’ concerns & solved rolling positions. It can be utilized as a unique & optimal trading instrument across a wide range of market trends. It’s a new era for on-chain derivatives traders. Hence, it’s time to announce the commencement of the Shield Genesis Competition on Binance Smart Chain.

Here are all the details you need to know 👇

📅 Competition Period (UTC)

Competition Stage:13:00 August 18–13:00 August 31

Token Distribution Stage: September 13

🏅 Prizes

During the competition, users who trade Shield perpetual options will be ranked based on the entries earned from referrals, trade frequency, and realized profit across eligible BTC-USDC trading pairs. The TOP 100 traders will share a prize pool of 100,000 SLD token. The reward structure is as follows:

№1: 10,000 SLD

№2-№5: 5,000 SLD each

№6-№10: 2,000 SLD each

№11~№50: 1,000 SLD each

№51~№100: 400 SLD each

📝 How to earn entries

The rules for earning entries are as follows:

1. Every time you invite a user to participate in the trading competition, you can earn 10 entries (Note: each wallet address can invite up to 10 addresses to participate during the competition period)

2. During the competition, for each order you place, you will get 1 entry (Note: each address can get a maximum of 20 entries per day)

3. The rules for earning entries for realized profit ranking are as follows:

№1: 1,000 entries

№2-№10: 800 entries

№11-№30: 500 entries

№31-№100: 280 entries

📊Where to Trade

Go to and claim 50,000 testnet-USDC. Deposit them as the original balance to trade BTC-USDC trading pair.

*Net profit calculation=Realized Profit (USDC)

All orders must be closed before the competition ends (13:00 August 31 UTC). If orders are left open after this time, they will be automatically calculated based on the Chainlink price feed at 13:00 UTC snapshot, which may affect the final rank.

Terms and Conditions

1. Each participant’s realized profit, referrals, transaction, and rank will be displayed on the landing page(updated every 10 minutes)

2. Account assets deposited from other wallets are not valid at the end of the competition.

3. Each account has to complete at least 1 order (open position & close position) during the competition period. Otherwise, users might not be eligible for the final rank.

4. Prizes will be distributed within 15 days after the competition ends. Prizes will be distributed in SLD token on Binance Smart Chain.

5. The trading competition is only for the BTC-USDC trading pair, no other trading pairs will be counted.

6. The following actions will result in immediate disqualification:

1)Batch account registrations

2)Profits from market manipulation

3)Using API for the trading competition

7. To get the rewards, you must follow Shield on Twitter and join our Telegram and Discord channels. Our team will verify these randomly while selecting winners and distributing the rewards.

8. If there is a tie in terms of total entries, users who joined the competition first will be given the higher ranking.

9. Shield Protocol reserves the right to change or amend any Competition Activity or Competition Activity Rules at our sole discretion.

Happy Trading!

To get involved with Shield, visit our website. In addition, you can reach us via Twitter, Medium, Telegram, and Discord.



Shield Official

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