Shield Ecosystem Update -October 2021

October has come to an end, but for the Shield team, it was a totally happening month. Here are the most notable events of the month.

Key Highlights of October

  • Shield Debate

The Shield debate was an exciting event that saw the Shield community come together on Twitter.

  • now tracking Shield DAO on Binance Smart Chain

Shield Protocol is now live on DefiLlama, a multi-chain TVL stats dashboard that tracks DeFi projects from all chains.

  • Shield got featured on DeFi Pulse’s The DeFi List

In addition to being tracked on DeFilLama, Shield got featured under the “Options” category on the dashboard of DeFi Pulse as well.

  • Shield Protocol integrates Chainlink for secure, stable price feeds

October also witnessed Shield Protocol integrating Chainlink Price Feeds on the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum mainnet.

  • Shield Launches YouTube Channel

Shield launched its official YouTube channel, with the first video dedicated to introducing our users to how to operate the Shield platform!

  • Deep Dive into Non-cooperative Game Networks

Shield’s blog hosted a detailed post exploring non-cooperative game networks, and how the concept powers the Shield platform.

Shield Debate

Continued from the series of debates conducted in September 2021, the Shield debates were conducted under two categories — Funding Fee and Swap&Burn. Here are some of the exciting findings and perspectives we got from the community.

We were delighted to see such enthusiastic participation from Shield fans, as they engaged in the granular aspects of the concept of funding fees — and whether it should or should not be implemented on exchanges.

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2. Swap and Burn (first debate in Round 2)

Shield Protocol employs the Swap and Burn mechanism to provide value to the SLD token. SLD token holders have the option of triggering this contract at any moment to exchange their SLD tokens for stablecoins. While some users strongly supported the Burn mechanism, others were against it.



3. Peer to Dual Liquidity Pools

In our final debate, we asked our community — Shield’s pioneering solution allows LP’s to hedge against the market. Are you for/against? Dozens of replies were received, with users passionately debating both sides! now tracking Shield DAO on Binance Smart Chain

DefiLlama is a major multi-chain TVL metrics dashboard where data connectors contribute and maintain the community. It is dedicated to providing reliable statistics without advertisements or sponsored material. The platform also lists DeFi projects from all chains, and Shield is currently being tracked on DefiLlama on the Binance Smart Chain.

Click here to access Shield Protocol on DefilLama.

Shield got featured on DeFi Pulse’s The DeFi List

DeFi Pulse is a reliable platform that provides standards that the DeFi community can stand behind. It is also a site where you can discover the latest metrics and rankings of DeFi protocols. The site’s DeFi Lending monitors the Ethereum blockchain’s underlying smart contracts of popular lending protocols and offers accurate statistics on existing loans, debts, and interest rates in DeFi. Shield Protocol is now featured under the “Options” category on DeFi Pulse’s The DeFi List.

You can check out Shield Protocol on DeFi Pulse by clicking here.

Shield Protocol integrates Chainlink for secure, stable price feeds

In another exciting news, Shield Protocol has incorporated Chainlink Price Feeds on the Binance Smart Chain as well as on the Ethereum mainnet. Being an industry-leading decentralized oracle network, Chainlink was chosen because it has an infrastructure that is easy to integrate and has been used in production for a long time. Given how Chainlink assists in securing leading DeFi protocols, Shield will be able to take advantage of some of the network’s most prominent features, such as secure node operators, high-quality data, a reputation system, and a decentralized network.

As a result of this integration, Shield Protocol will also have access to high-quality, tamper-proof price feeds within its DeFi perpetual options markets. This will surely enable users to trade at a fair three-way price that includes accurate index prices with high uptime and market coverage. This will also allow Shield to reassure its users that index prices are accurate and have not been tampered with when utilized in Shield perpetual options.

Shield Launches YouTube Channel

Shield is proud to have launched its official YouTube channel. Our first video focuses on introducing our users on how to operate Shield. Give it a watch and subscribe to show your support!

Deep Dive into Non-cooperative Game Networks

Ever wondered what powers the Shield platform? We posted a detailed blog that takes you through non-cooperative game networks and the Nash equilibrium.

There’s more coming!

October has been nothing but amazing for the Shield team, and the next few months are certain to bring even more fantastic news. To ensure that you don’t miss out on the latest developments, stay connected with Shield on Twitter, Medium, Discord, and Telegram.