Shield Ecosystem Update - August 2021

  • Shield Global Ambassador Program
  • Shield Genesis Competition
  • Introducing the New Shield
  • Nuclear Airdrop

Shield Global Ambassador Program

  • After a 45-day trial period, base pay begins with a monthly payment of $300 in SLD.
  • Shield’s latest news and updates will be available to you before anyone else.
  • Opportunity to work with Shield and make valuable connections with an exceptional group of specialists
  • Ambassadors who can commit to Shield for a year will receive a bonus and more.

Shield Genesis Competition

Introducing the New Shield

  • We now have a user-friendly interface with a chic UI and UX, as well as the function of automatically reading wallet balances in both public and private pools.
  • We improved system performance, transaction speed, and transaction pending time to improve the overall trading experience.
  • We improved traders’ capital efficiency and added a transaction amount limit and guide to help traders avoid wasting gas fees due to transaction failures.
  • The liquidator rules are now more transparent in order to attract capable liquidators to engage in the Shield protocol.
  • Some known bugs have been fixed.
  • Options traders can exercise their options at any time, as there is no expiration date.
  • Long-term exposure without the need to roll positions, reduced operational work, and risk
  • Liquidity concentration to avoid liquidity fragmentation due to different expiration dates and prices
  • The daily funding fee is the maximum trading loss.
  • Leverage on-chain ranging from 25x to 500x

Shield Nuclear Airdrop



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