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Hey Shielders!

Welcome to the Shield Class Test. Here, you can brush up on your understanding of Shield’s core values and the innovative mechanisms behind the scenes. You can also engage and participate in the Shield global ecosystem and benefit in the long term. We’ve organized a series of daily quizzes and weekly classes to help you take you where you need to go. It’s time to deep dive into what you’ve learned. If you’re keen to come and learn, we’re keen to hear from you!

Test content

The test includes 25 questions, 125 entries in total. The test module will be updated and shared in the community monthly. Participate now:

How will you be rewarded?

We’ve launched a 50,000 SLD reward pool to the Shield Class Test program and each qualified(No less than 100 entries)users will stand the chance of receiving a minimum of 100 $SLD each week. Besides, qualified users will earn an authentic Shield badge from Shield, by completing all tests in the Class. A badge is a digital recognition that you are a valuable Shield community member and get exclusive privileges soon.

How do you get started with




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