Introducing SLD Stimulus Program

Shield Official
2 min readMar 20, 2023

Shield just launched the pilot version of Staking Vault, both Aggregate Staking and Option-Boost Staking, to cater to the urgent needs of Ethereum Stakers. Aggregate Staking aims to provide users with a one-stop solution to access the best staking yields in the space, while Option-Boost Staking is a product that boosts staking yields through the purchase of wedding cake strategies.

To mark the launch of Staking Vault on Ethereum Mainnet we’re excited to introduce the SLD Stimulus Program where users can earn SLD rewards by staking ETH — our way of giving back to the community and rewarding our early adopters.


The program consists of five phases with specific targets and rewards pools. Users will receive SLD rewards based on their staked amount and duration during each phase, and rewards will be distributed in batches after each phase target is reached. Here are the phase targets and rules for redeeming rewards.

  • Shield checks the status of phase-specific target every time new round of ETH funds are deployed. Currently, it is updated every 7 days.
  • Points are calculated based on the amount of ETH staked and the number of days staked. These points are accumulated each time ETH staking is deployed, and when the phase-specific target is met, the points will reset to zero and accumulate again in the next phase.
  • User’s reward (SLD) = Total reward of the phase * User’s points in the phase / Total points in the phase
  • Redeemable reward (SLD) refers to the part of SLD reward that can be redeemed as corresponding phase target is reached.

How to Participate

Go deposit in Shield Staking Vault, both Aggregate Staking and Option-Boost Staking eligible. There is no minimum amount required to participate.

Looking forward, Shield will continue to offer the best staking yields in the space and work hard to establish itself as the go-to gateway for ETH staking. We will continue to build by integrating more LSD protocols into our ecosystem and be your one-stop solution for ETH staking. A new era is coming, and Shield is ready to thrive.



Shield Official

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