A Beginner’s Guide — How to Trade on Shield Binance Smart Chain Testnet

  1. Install Metamask wallet
  2. Configuring BSC on Metamask
  3. Get BNB token and test ShieldDAI

1. Install MetaMask wallet

Head over to https://shieldex.io and start trading.

2. Configuring BSC in Metamask

  1. Since you already installed and set up MetaMask, you just need to head to https://shieldex.io/dds.html#/trade. Then click on “Connect Wallet”.

3. Get BNB token and test ShieldUSDC

  1. Now, to get your BNB test tokens as gas on BSC, just click on the ”BNB-Faucet” drop down option.


  • The address for BSC in MetaMask is precisely the same as ETH.
  • Remember to add some BNB tokens to your MetaMask wallet. It is fairly similar to the role of ETH in Ether and is used as a transaction fee.
  • If the token is not visible in your MetaMask wallet, you may need to add a token in BSC. To do so, you must find the option of “Add Token,” in which you can add a “Custom Token,” which will be BNB. Then, paste the contract address corresponding to the coin to add it.
  • Test ShieldDAI contract address: 0x21160DcCF818c5D8df20AbfA1B937ea3Ba1bD451



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