Protect capital, improve yields, and tailor for retail need

Structured product in traditional finance

Structured Products can be loosely defined as savings or investment products where the return is tied to an underlying asset with specified features (maturity date, coupon date, capital protection level …). They are classified as ‘non-traditional’ investment strategies. …

Through hundreds and thousands of testing and internal experiments, we’re thrilled to announce Shield Mainnet 1.0 is LIVE with the deployment of a new contract. The core of Shield protocol is to build an open, secure and highly accessible derivatives infrastructure, making it one of the biggest DeFi Lego. …

October has come to an end, but for the Shield team, it was a totally happening month. Here are the most notable events of the month.

Key Highlights of October

  • Shield Debate

The Shield debate was an exciting event that saw the Shield community come together on Twitter.

  • now tracking Shield DAO on…

Shield Official

One-of-a-kind decentralized protocol for future derivatives infrastructure, enabling global borderless access to finance. Visit us on

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