The wait is finally over! Shield is excited to announce that the Mainnet Beta is now LIVE.

Shield is a one-of-a-kind decentralized derivatives protocol that enables global borderless access to finance for all. Essentially, the Shield protocol allows for the trading of perpetual options, and Shield’s perpetual options will be the first long-term on-chain options that come without the effort, expense, or risk of rolling positions.

Shield’s perpetual options are unique because it has an effective pricing mechanism for perpetual options on-chain. …

Slippage is part of the risk of investing, given the volatility of cryptocurrency and the high demand for blockchain assets. Knowing what slippage is in cryptocurrency and understanding the controls available to you to avoid it is the first step toward investing smarter. To minimize the effects of slippage on your investment prospects, keep an eye on volume, set your thresholds, and trade outside of volatile periods.

What is slippage?

When cryptocurrency traders place a buy or sell order on an exchange, they typically expect the order to be filled at their specified price. …

The wait is over, Shield Mainnet Beta is going LIVE! To thank our incredible community for the support of Shield protocol along the way, we are hosting Bonanza Season from September 16th to October 23rd. First thing first, as Bonanza Season, Episode1, we gotta kick off with the Community Happy Hour.

Want to get $SLD in your wallet?

Tell your friends about Shield and participate in our socials to get to know everything about the decentralized perpetual options market. …

Shield is hitting a milestone in August with the introduction of these amazing features.

Key Highlights:

  • Shield Global Ambassador Program

A golden opportunity to become a Shield Ambassador.

  • Shield Genesis Competition

Genesis Competition had over 3K unique wallet addresses, and $100,000 SLD is up for grabs.

  • Introducing the New Shield

Introduced a new decentralized derivatives protocol to gain useful insights into the world of DeFi.

  • Nuclear Airdrop

4,085,754 Shield tokens (SLD) were up for grabs.

Shield Global Ambassador Program

As crypto trading becomes increasingly popular, so does the number of traders in the market. It is important for investors — both beginners and seasoned traders — to have a sound investment strategy in this scenario. And with the crypto market being extremely volatile, traders can make a lot of money on the resulting price fluctuations. However, relying solely on one’s intuition is never a great idea, and traders need to analyse the market constantly. Fortunately, tools like technical analysis have emerged as a great way to analyse the market and create the best crypto trading strategy.

In its simplest…

We’ve been nonstop stress-testing the trading protocol, conducting bug campaigns and even our first Genesis Trading competition, in an effort to strengthen and fine-tune features ahead of the imminent Mainnet launch. Staying true to our global and decentralized ethos, we feel the time has arrived to open the gates of our community allowing the entire public to get involved with Shield and share our vision. Not only can our most devoted and inspired members earn SLD but all newcomers are welcome!

We are now openly recruiting passionate and talented individuals to join us in our journey! Are you an active…

Top Perpetual Options Traders Hunted — 100,000 SLD Rewards Up for Grabs

We are introducing the Perpetual Options, an innovative #derivatives instrument that pioneers the first long-term, on-chain options without the effort, risk, or expense of rolling positions. It’s an extremely creative financial instrument that is running in the decentralized environment and we’re calling all traders to give it a try, with a whopping 100,000 SLD up for grabs!

Shield perpetual options have unique & tremendous value, which is generated through solving options traders’ concerns & solved rolling positions. It can be utilized as a unique & optimal trading instrument…

Fellow Shielders, we are thrilled to introduce Shield, our new decentralized derivatives protocol which also includes a fresh and new homepage, upgraded features, and interesting behind the scenes to help you gain useful insights into the world of DeFi. Through Shield, we are building a one-of-a-kind decentralized protocol for the futures derivatives infrastructure, enabling global borderless access to finance. All in all, Shield strives to extrapolate on the success of DeFi in the derivatives market and expand accordingly. It’s a new era for on-chain derivatives traders!

Why We Built Shield

In traditional finance, derivatives trading is a huge market with trillion dollars as the…

Hello Shielders, as a part of one of the Shield series airdrops, we’re beyond excited to announce our community-exclusive airdrop — the Shield Nuclear Airdrop!

What is Shield Nuclear Airdrop?

To show our appreciation of the community’s unwavering support, Shield will be rewarding the model community members for past actions taken by them across Shield’s variety of marketing campaigns. Based on the airdrop rules and the number of addresses we have collected, a total of 4,085,754 Shield tokens (SLD) will be distributed to the users who meet the requirements. This will be randomly divided into two rounds on the Binance…

July was a great month for the Shield Team. Here is a report of the major highlights of this exciting month!

  1. Got listed on PancakeSwap

Shield Official

One-of-a-kind decentralized protocol for future derivatives infrastructure, enabling global borderless access to finance.

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